lördag, juli 17, 2010

Jihad i Dudley, UK - våldsamt blodbad då muslimer och poliser unisont attackerar de otrogna

"The EDL, the standard bearers of freedom in the UK, planned on another peaceful demonstration in Dudley today. They have come under fierce attack. Details are sketchy at the moment. Will update as news breaks. Do not look to the media for accurate reporting. They will report on this the way they report on the tea party: lies, distortions, slander.

EDL dudley1

Bilden ovan från Atlas Shrugs

"UPDATE: We have eyewitness accounts coming in of Muslims using cars to drive down English protesters in Dudley. There has been one report of an incident in which a car drove into four people, leaving them seriously injured and one woman dead. An air ambulance has landed to assist the injured. We are waiting for confirmation of this incident. "

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