söndag, december 20, 2009

Lars Hedegaard: Islam is an army

Link: Hedegaard- Trier 031

“Islam is an army. Integration is not working simply because it’s absolutely forbidden to integrate. We in the West have a hard time understanding a culture that does not change, that has an essence, that has remained the same for 1400 years… Why is it that, the longer the muslims have stayed in the country, the less integrated they are? This started me off…We have to look at their core values……Our leaders do not take this seriously and I am afraid that it will take a public uprising before they will take this seriously. But they must. After the German occupation of Denmark there were quite a few who had collaborated with the enemy who came into very hot water. The same thing could happen here… This cannot be solved with a compromise, it’s either our civilisation or their non-civilisation and barbarism. Our two ways of life are like fire and water. One of them must be victorious.” (mobilvideo, lyd og foto © Asger Trier og Snaphanen)

Tack för tipset, Snaphanen!

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