onsdag, januari 06, 2010

Nicolai Sennels: Muslims think differently: in their culture it is the dog that barks the loudest that becomes the boss.

"When did your interest in integration and Islam start?

Ten years ago we had a horrible case in Denmark. Four young Muslim boys dragged a young woman by her hair all through the biggest shopping street — Strøget — in Copenhagen and tried to rape her. Even though she was screaming and it was clear that something was terribly wrong, nobody did anything to stop it. Imagine that: a young woman being dragged through the most busy street in Denmark — with lots of bystanders — and nobody tries to stop it. Not actively trying to stop a bad thing happening — even if you risk that your colleagues, friends or family think critically about you or you may get yourself a blue eye — is probably the worst thing one can do to one’s own self-confidence, personal ethics and humanistic values. If we are only willing to help the weak when it is without any risk for ourselves, we are useless cowards. Today this help is not so often physical — even though all men should learn to fight, either in martial arts or in the territorial army — but intellectual. Writing letters to newspapers, blogs, telling one’s honest thoughts when the talk on Islam or immigration starts in the lunch break at work — all this is very helpful. Being passive while women are treated bad and failed integration threatens to drag down our cultural values and welfare societies is failing to live up to our responsibility as humans. Especially men should take their role as protector of women very seriously."

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