tisdag, januari 13, 2009

Lars Hedegaard: "It’s 1932 in Europe"

Bilden ovan lånad av Snaphanen

Supporters of Israel demonstrate in Copenhagen

despite threats of violent attacks

By Lars Hedegaard

COPENHAGEN (Saturday, January 10). Around 500 supporters of Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorist attacks gathered in front of Copenhagen’s City Hall in a peaceful demonstration organized by the Danish Zionist organization. No doubt many more would have liked to be there, but as the President of the Danish Zionist Union, Max Meyer, explained to Danish TV2, he had been inundated with mails and phone calls from people who expressed their 100 percent support for the cause, but were simply too afraid to attend. And for good reason. A couple of days before the demonstration, a far-left grouping calling itself “the Gaza Initiative” had announced their intention to turn up with pictures of dead Palestinian children in order to “bring the war home on Danish ground”."

Läs ALLT på Snaphanens blogg där ni också kan se fler bilder.

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