måndag, januari 05, 2009

The Wilders Team

Some good news, for a change — Geert Wilders has successfully formed alliances with other Counterjihad politicians and parties in Europe, and even in the USA.

Here’s the article from today’s De Telegraaf, as translated by our Flemish correspondent VH:

Wilders no longer on his own

AMSTERDAM — Geert Wilders is no longer on his own in the fight against Islam. The PVV leader at the moment is working together with American, British, Italian, and Danish political parties.

Member of Parliament Morten Messerschmidt of the Danish People’s Party, which represents 14% of the Danish voters, speaks of a “fruitful cooperation” between the PVV leader and his party leader Pia Kjærsgaard, De Pers writes.

According to Messerschmidt, for all parties it is “important to show that you are not on your own with your fears about the Islamization of society,” as he says to the free newspaper. “Historically speaking, we were a bit shy about working together. But more and more we feel that we must unite in the struggle against fundamentalist Islam. Certainly because existing parties have a strong tendency to isolate parties like ours, and paint us as being individual exceptions.”"

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