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When Islam meets Bridget Jones - The Jewel of Medina

Mordbrand mot förlagschefens bostad (tre islamister gripna för det) som tog över utgivningen från Random House vilka i sin tur la ner alla planer på utgivning när muslimer fick nys om boken - The Jewel of Medina.

Och att författaren (Sherry Jones) är mordhotad och flyttad till hemlig ort behöver väl knappast nämnas för er..

Nu har boken blivit läst av en muslim vid namn Shelina Zahra Janmohamed. Hennes inställning till publikationen och rent allmänt till det fria västs andeväsen och sätt att leva går att utläsa i hennes åsikt om boken:

"Even if you feel that it is your duty to read it in the defence of freedom of speech, don't do it, I beg you - go out and enjoy the last sunny days of autumn, play with your children, watch paint dry - you'll thank me for it."

-Shelina Zahra Janmohamed

Ingressen på BBC News:

"A romantic telling of the life of one of the wives of Islam's prophet has caused controversy among some Muslims - and its publication has been indefinitely postponed in the UK amid fears of a violent reaction. But is The Jewel of Medina actually any good? Blogger Shelina Zahra Janmohamed is one of the few people in Britain to have read it."

Kommentarer under artikeln:

"Thank you for such an insightful and intelligent review of this book. It sounds like a huge missed opportunity!Tina Place, Barnstaple

I'm sick of religious people claiming that they are "personally offended" when their ideas are criticised. If you don't like it then don't buy it, but please stop whining on like a spoilt child about your "right to be offended".Franchesca Mullin, Belfast, Northern Ireland

For this book not to be published due to the possibility of a violent backlash is shocking and represents another blow against our civil freedom. George, London
How can this be freedom of speech, when you slander someone's beloved? What happens if someone writes such filth about Jesus (May God have mercy on him) or any loved person for that matter! What is wrong with the world!Khalid Abdul, Warsaw, Poland

I would like to see more REAL information and history on Islam. I remember religious education in school, one lesson each on Islam, Judaism and Hinduism and the rest was Christian theology. This needs to changeJohn Lee,
As a Christian, I was not offended by The Da Vinci Code as I read it as the enjoyable fiction it was. I only hope Muslims can view this book in a similar fashion.TS, Bromley, England

Shelina Zahra Janmohamed is right that where we have free speech, we must also have the freedom to be offended. However, too often freedom of speech is oppressed by the freedom of the offended (often using their right to free speech to attempt to suppress others' free speech). If someone wishes to say something religiously offensive, that is between them and God.CS, Manchester, England

Why do people have to take this sort of trashy romantic fiction seriously? This seems like a case of silly people taking a silly book seriously, and serious people totally ignoring it.Anne Boyce, Halifax, England

Let's be clear here. The author of this work has not driven "a wedge between Muslims and others by fictionalising core characters". The wedge between Islam and the free world is caused by the threat of violence by the radical minority!Dino, Cape Town

I thought religion WAS fiction (romantic or not)!Bryn Roberts, Richmond, Yorkshire, UK

Isn't it about time that ALL religionists (sorry, best word I can come up with) should stop taking it so seriously? Lighten up.Tony P, Darlington

I think it is time that we stop playing with the faith of others because. Creating civil unrest is unreasonable.Sostenes Mtenga, Tanzania

As an RE teacher, I can see that there is nothing historical about this book. It is pure fiction from the imagination of the author. I do not think Muslims would see it as honouring their Prophet, but a direct insult if anything. Freedom of speech is one thing, but delusional thinking that it is honouring the Prophet is clear proof of the author's orientalist mindset.James, London, UK

I agree with you. Great article. Billy, New York

I agree wholeheartedly with Shelina's article, which is well-balanced. I cannot fathom the purpose of using 'Aisha' as the foundation for a 'fictional' story. It is no different to fabricating truth about Mary. Irfan Waraich, Leicester, UK

It sounds like Jewel of Medina is a definite miss from both a literary and historical perspective - but Aisha's life sounds utterly fascinating. Is there any chance of a serious biography? Isobel, Salisbury, UK

Christianity has already been subjected to this treatment, after a fashion, with Nikos Kazantzakis' The Last Temptation of Christ. Why not?Tony, Ajax, Ontario"

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