onsdag, juli 02, 2008

Inavel bland muslimer ger handikapp och sjukdomar


"Cultural practices also increase the rate of genetic disorders, the ''Global Report on Birth Defects" found. Seven of the 10 countries with the highest birth defect rates are Muslim nations with a tradition of intermarriage of blood relatives, accounting for at last 20 percent of deformities there. In addition, the report said that the advancing average age of child-bearing women worldwide increases the risk of conditions such as Down syndrome."


"...two governing Labour Party lawmakers called for a frank discussion of the health risk posed by Pakistanis who marry their cousins. Lawmakers Phil Woolas and Ann Cryer, citing high rates of birth defects, said Britons must question the common Pakistani practice of marriages between first cousins. Both warned of grave public health consequences if the custom continues. Predictably, newspaper headlines warned about the dangers posed by “inbred” Muslims."


Läs mer här i bloggen och diskutera på FOMI.NU

TidningenVI: Invandrarbarnen är klart överrepresenterade bland de svårt handikappade barnen.

Läkartidningen: Demografiska faktorer påverkar förekomst av svår mental retardation. Är ingifte en faktor att räkna med också i Sverige?"

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