onsdag, augusti 06, 2008

Iransk sekulär journalist hängd

A Young Iranian Journalist and a Member of Marze Por Gohar Party, Smeared and Executed by Islamic Republic of Iran

Los Angeles, CA- Yaghub Mehrnehad a 28 year old Iranian Baluchi journalist, human rights activist, civil right campaigner, and a member of MPG was hanged in public on Monday in Zahedan, Iran , August 4, 2008, as other prisoners were forced to watch the execution.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, dissidents destined for conviction and execution, are usually charged with numerous and outrageous offenses in order to prevent human rights organizations from coming to their defense. Also according to the law, one form of punishment is smearing the name and reputation of the condemned. In the case of Sunni Baluch ethnicity in Southeastern Iran, bordering Pakistan, people are usually charged with terrorism (to tie them to Al Qaedeh in the minds of Westerners), smuggling and banditry which are common along the lawless border regions, and separatism (to smear them in the eyes of other Iranians).

According to an Amnesty International report, Mehrnehad was arrested in May of last year in 2007 in the city of Zahedan, the capital city of Baluchestan. Mehrnehad who was originally arrested for an article he wrote in the "People's Rule" publication, was later sentenced by the Islamic Republic authorities for belonging to the armed Jondollah organization; however the allegations were never proved or verified.

Mehrnehad wrote for the Iranian reformist newspaper called, Mardomsalar (People's Rule.) He was also the founder of an NGO called Sedaye Edalat (voice of justice)

MPG, strongly rejects the regime's claims about this young journalist who was a true patriot, working towards democracy and justice throughout Iran, for being tied to any terrorist organization or implicated in separatism. MPG condemns this vicious act by Islamic Republic and mourns the

MPG är ett sekulärt, politiskt parti som har startats av journalister och författare från Iran. De försöker kämpa för att folk ska fatta att politik och religion inte fungerar ihop och de är för ett fritt, sekulärt Iran.

Därför jagas dess medlemmar hårt av den iranska regimen, och de kastas i fängelse eller dödas när möjlighet finns.

Läs mer om MPG här.

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